SF House

The idea for this project originated from the archetype house, rethought and reassembled by removing pure solids and constant modules from it. This generated recesses that became an entrance hall, openings, lodges, a winter garden. A project.
The ground floor features a one-flight staircase that divides the living room, screened by the loggia to the south, from the dining room plus kitchen. An equipped vestibule allows going to the bathroom and to the underground floor. On the upper floor there are the bedrooms and the bathroom served by a space that turns loose the stair.
All bedrooms overlook the loggias embedded in the volume.
The technical rooms are on the underground floor where there is a garage and an open-pit place used as a winter garden.


Preliminary design, design phase, design development, building supervision and safety coordination under construction
Location: Treviso, Italy
Client: Private
Building area: 420 m2
Budget: n.d.

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