Bailo Cultural Center

The first stage was to strengthen the value of objects, making it stereometric. The addition of volume allowed closing it within a square prism: a primary geometric shape as a work of Land Art. The location of the building was in the center of the orography of the valley, thus the roof became an element of dialogue with the landscape, a fifth facade. Deformation of the cover through a spherical subtraction transformed it into a mold of empty content from the mountains, the conclusion of the contours of the valley.   The second stage of the competition was to design the conversion of the industrial building into a multipurpose cultural center of nature and landscape. The competition offered a rare opportunity for museums or exhibitions: a museum typically contains works to be exhibited, but in this case the work of art surrounds the museum itself, which is embedded in it.
The objective of the design was to take advantage of this specific feature and conceive the Cultural Center as an instrument through which to observe and enjoy the natural surroundings.
Competition. 5th prize ex-aequo
Team: -scape, demogo, landscape: gsa
Location: Trento, Italia
Client: Finanziaria Valsugana
Building area: 55.000 m3
Budget: € 20.000.000

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