Fosse Alpine Hut

The principles driving the project aimed to consider the building as a place for reading the landscape, centered on views that can both be enjoyed from it and go toward it, taking on the role of lighthouse of the Mountain, a landmark that dialogues with and also belongs to the context. From a centralizing element – catalytic iconographic landscape – to amplifier of the same atmosphere. An ambivalent relationship that feeds on deep resonances, which in these places evokes the ancestral connection between man and the mountain. The theme of the project is a approachable/accessible building which, from the point of view of the composition, draws inspiration from the relation between a horizontal element, the mediation between indoor and outdoor, and a vertical element, which allows to identify and perceive the landscape from afar. This relationship is further strengthened by choices of functional type: in the horizontal body there are open parts, such as the reception, the bar and restaurant; the vertical body houses the guests’ rooms and the keeper’s lodging.

esterno 3

esterno 2a

esterno dietro effetti


 foto finale_1

foto finale_2









Competition. 2nd prize
Team: demogo, Stefano D’Elia
Location: Rolle Pass, Italy
Client: The Autonomous Province of Trento Building
Area: 3.540 m3
Budget: € 1.613.450

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