Sustainable Housing

The idea of the project is focused on building a strong relationship between interior and exterior of the housing, through the use of a modular system of intermediate spaces between public and private areas . A dense network of patios and balconies articulate the composition of the individual blocks , each featuring accommodation , giving each residential unit with a different identity points of view and relationships with the surrounding landscape gradually different .
This continuity with the landscape is also reflected in the treatment of horizontal surfaces , in fact the pavement looking for a strong hybridization with the parts of the garden , the mesh paths fragmented slabs of stone veneer overlaps with natural essences by creating a soft transition between the built and the nature of this place in the country.
The idea of mediating the relationship between the parties, between construction and nature , between inside and outside of the project is the main figure of architecture at the service of its inhabitants, a transitional space in which the component of the landscape and nature have a primary role.
The materials chosen are related to local tradition, which is reinterpreted through contemporary use. The surface coating of the buildings are so designed so ambivalent , in order to mark articulation and hierarchy of different spaces . Gray brick masonry façades and the outer shell , while yellow ocher plaster covers all parts and dug more intimate residences , thus giving the patios and balconies look really comfortable and suitable to reflect the light that penetrates between the brie soleil wood .
The general strategy has a high predisposition toward ecological sustainability of the intervention, the system generally pays attention to individual sun exposure of each unit, also the road separates the traffic of vehicles with pedestrian areas by providing the parking spaces along the west perimeter lot ensuring a space pertaining connected, but at the same time secluded for vehicles.





Team: Pierre Sauveur Architecture-Urbanisme, demogo
Location: Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Belgium
Client: La Ruche Chapelloise
Building area: 1.530 m2
Budget: € 2.065.500

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