AB House

The project site consists of an area very closedcaught between other residential buildings that make up the urban fabric rarefied density transition between the historic city and the suburbs. The project focuses on two elements, one that solves the vertical connection with the building on the edge, this element contains the vertical connections emerge among the trees and the gorgeous visuals, the body extends horizontally instead of the garden and contains the residential program. The two volumes are playing with small changes in alignment that become swings and loggias articulated by drawing the image of the house. An introverted architecture, which houses the private space of the owners, but that does not renounce through the insertion of a large terrace on the roof to rebuild a relationship with the landscape in the distance, with the roofs, and the skyline representing a different level of reading of the site.


Preliminary design,  on going Location: Padova, Italy Client: Private Building area: 300 m2 Budget: n.d.


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