Housing Nürnberg

The urban tissue that characterizes the south of Nuremberg city is defined by different densities and it appears like a complex stratification, that consists of various actions and interpretations taken in the course of time. Infrastructural grid defined the basic matrix where neighborhood are build on, following a regular system alternated by courtyard buildings. In the urban tissue, built make rise two big green spaces, Annapark and Budapester Platz, both areas for public use. Starting from the context analysis, the proposal is grounded on the courtyard’s topic, that is the typological system more used in this part of the city. The courtyard assumes, however, for us the meaning of “Urban Hub”, a big open space on which architecture can build on, maintaining an high permeability of the flows that can go through it. It is configured as a flexible, adaptable space, whose quality is to be able to respond to contemporary needs, the courtyard is an ordering element from which it is generated the complexity of living space. Boundaries of our project became soft and ephemeral, to be able to influence the neighborhood. The site reach the meanings of a “Place”, becoming part of a system in relation with the other urban voids in the city of Nuremberg. This analysis allowed to capture the constituent elements of the Südstadt, flows and infrastructure are considered generating elements to made up the project. The complex functional program takes form by this premise: the proposal is realized in two urban signs, which precisely design the landscape, giving materiality to the flows that characterize this part of city. The courtyard building becomes permeable, acquiring a public dimension that generate multiple relationship with the context. The project is in constrast with the existing urban tissue: the courtyard becomes a permeable space, a porous system, which acts as a link to give the continuity and join different parts of neighborhood. The proposal want to be a simple act, but full of meaning as a symbol for the community. The city is considered as an organism, a system made up of parts, of architecture elements, in which the public space become opportunities to generate connections. The project defines a story, two bent buildings, modeling by the central courtyard, take flows through the area, from north to south, and define views that connect the area to the rest of the context. The idea of the project finds its meaning in the courtyard, that converge in itself urban flows and define Living functions. The strategy which characterizes the project is the creation of a net of relations, the basic level to search quality of Living, such as flexibility and adaptability concepts. The project, starting by an accurate reading of the context, proposes a “transposition” characterized by a strong ability to adapt itself to changes and future needs of the city of Nuremberg.


Europan12 competition. Finalist Project

Location: Nürnberg, Germany
Client: City of Nuremberg/WBG Nürnberg
Building area: 0,7 ha
Budget: n.a.

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