Marly Masterplan

The area Winckler appears today in a state of suspension, waiting for their future, a future now difficult to decipher because of the many variations in socio-economic atto.In feature of this aspect of our proposal is articulated through progressive methods of processing , highly adaptable to different scenarios of evolution. The system is based on the idea of ​​urbanity a transition from a system of connections and flows to organize and put in a tissue system progressively fragmented, up to generate a dynamic balance between space and inhabitants.
The site has great potential for development in relation to the center of Freiburg, strongly connected with the ridge formed by the highway, in this sense, our strategy has established a program of functions and uses of the understanding it as an integral part of a system large-scale urban, knowing that through connection and density can revitalize the area, boosting the resilience of buildings strategically more important.
Much attention has been dedicated to sustainable economic and territorial impact of this transformation, the result is a subdivision in phases connected in a consequential way in order to trigger a chain reaction, with intermediate stages of urbanity transition.                   
1 – It ‘necessary to clean and demolish the area occupied by buildings vigorously and historically ill-suited to the conversion, so you can restore environmental balance within the site.
2 – Preserve and enhance the complex of the Blessed Sacrament, generating around this important symbolic building for the community of Marly a strong idea of ​​urbanity through tissue adaptive fragmented bodies dedicated to accommodate a hybrid type of residence and shop, residence/atelier , a series of smaller tasks that generate density around this first connector.
This phase contributes to the formation of a solid border along the road to Freiburg, generating a porous boundary thought to connect the new central area with the residential neighborhood to the west side. By setting a series of mid-rise buildings suited to mediating the different scales on the sides of the area.
3 – Formation west of the park, a large green area crossed by pedestrian paths connected to the existing network, thus establishing continuity with the green area at the base of the buildings of the “route du center”.
4 The creation of a complex of three buildings dedicated to student accommodation and swimming pool in the park, seen as three large fragments embedded in the natural system, designed as a landmark, as it brings the whole area, visible in the distance along the main road from Freiburg . This is very important because it allows you to establish a strong relationship with the university area of ​​the city of Freiburg, producing attractive and resonance on a larger scale, thereby also strengthening the value of the school building ASFL logistics already present.
The idea is to build a highly dynamic nature due to the presence of students, and a sporting facilities indoors and outdoors with a high quality and attractive power as a function of improving the welfare of the entire population residential sector.
We decided to think of a masterplan for the future of Winckler open and adaptable, in transition, in order to allow the construction of a nuanced and urbanity reconfigurable, able to accommodate multiple programs to changing social and economic conditions.
To achieve this requires a tissue fragmented, suitable to be transformed, to increase and decrease its density in function of demographic changes. Through the definition of an archipelago of bodies of building compact, multi-faceted and arranged so as to build public spaces irregular sequences, rich variations grouped from the nucleus of the Church of the Holy Sacrament.
The plot of these fragments is inspired by the fabric of historic cities which are extraordinarily rich in freedom of movement, their flows are highly adaptable, and build a complex network capable of characterizing the space and provide the functions hierarchy.
The project aims to deal with the uncertainty of future plans based on certainties rather than illusory, the result is a high degree of adaptability of the architecture.
The masterplan is particularly attentive to the definition of private spaces, public and senipubblici, treatment of different flooring materials guide the transition through the points of contact between the different fields.
In particular, the area on the front of the church is designed with wooden flooring, which identifies the main flows of public movement, grafted on a surface porphyry which connotes the strong urbanity of this part of the project, drawing also on the edge of the boulevard, where they appear sessions and a staggered row of trees to shield the noise of the traffic on the highway that connects Marly in Freiburg.
On the east of the church, the city solid and fragmented, loses density and fades to the park, to ensure a transition that mediated between different parts of urban gardens are placed at the service of residential units aligned along the edges of the lot.
This pattern plant has a high degree of adaptability, eternal thought of as an extension of the residential units offers different options allowing evolution to aggregate and distribute the units in accordance with the needs of future inhabitants, is a project in which it has an indefinite spatial structure changing . In general, these residences can accommodate families of different nature and meet multiple business needs, building a fabric case study, laboratory houses, shop houses, farm houses, houses offices, a melting pop functional that guarantee a high quality of life, offering a system evolved and sensitive to the different needs of individuals, but returning a final image unitary and sober the entire area.
The area of ​​the masterplan is directly connected to the big ridge road that connects with Marly Fribourg, this important resource connection, however, is a high source of traffic that involves crossing every day this untamed landscape of value.                                               Marly_schema1
Our project greatly limits the mobility of cars within the area of ​​the former Winckler, the strategy aims at the creation of different buffer the parking area along the outer perimeters and two large underground car parks respectively in the service of the north (and campus pool) and the south (city Blessed Sacrament). This need is of primary importance because it ensures the creation of a large green park to serve the community and allows the development of an important network of pedestrian paths that winds over the area creating a system the draft masterplan with existing connections on the territory .
The existing public bus network will have a leading role in the connection between Freiburg and Marly, is expected in fact a bus stop located near the new roundabout, in a barycentric point of access to the new town center, providing the opportunity to visit the park and to use the sports area of ​​the new campus.                                                                                 


Competition Europan12 – special mention
Team: demogo
Location: Marly, CH
Client: Several private landowners.
Building area: 6,2 ha
Budget: n.d.

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