FoxTown Restyling

We may elect to Fox Town emblem of amorphous contemporary city grew , as it very quickly , obeying dogmas that govern such rapidity : the car and the widespread employment and random land that you have available . Not precisely places , designed to effectively perform the specific function for which they arose ( produce , exhibit goods , circular , park , live … ) , a kind of containers actions juxtaposed to each other , without any level of interaction neither mutual nor with the city.
From here begins with a reflection on the restyling of the Fox Town The first requirement gathering from the project is to give unity to the artifact in order to translate the weight , not only commercial , covered by Fox Town Mendrisio of the city , in urban value for the tissue to which it belongs and therefore quality of life for all citizens and users . The project transforms what now appears to support a carousel of brands , in a building with an identity and recognition from such manifest itself and become a symbol of the mall. If we compare the new Fox Town to town, it becomes the urban fact , becoming an ordering element around which gravitate to the entire area. The proximity of the motorway, which addresses what is originally the main façade , pushing the project to deal with an even broader scale of the urban echoing references to the relationship between the big buildings and the land as the castles in Bellinzona, but even the most recent as the incinerator in Giubiasco , the Casino Campione and the Egg in Chiasso . Like the examples above, the new element becomes Fox Town / reference station , the cornerstone of Mendrisio in the reading of the territory along the highway trip.

Concorso FoxTown Restyling


Competition: 1st Prize Team: Felicia Lamanuzzi, demogo Location: Mendrisio, Switzerland Client: Tarchiini FoxTown SA Building area: 1900 mq Budget: CHF 3.101.700

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