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The context of Civezzano has a planimetric structure within which parties urbanized and natural overlap in a delicate balance, a succession of full and empty space very articulate, extremely rich in variations consist of alternating phases between spatiality tablets and closed between buildings with sudden glimpses of the surrounding valleys. It is very important to an ambivalence that suggests the presence of a double reading scale of each architecture: the relationship urban work, which should solve the alignments with the street front and volumetric ratios between the surrounding buildings, while the majestic scale of the mountain landscape, which appears often framed between the facades of the buildings, or beyond the curtain built.
The landscape looks like a big fifth through changing seasons, able to turn into completion and extension of the architectural image.
The project area is fully immersed in the structure described above, a narrow lot between the sides: an interesting and articulate ancient stone building to the east and a more recent residential building west, but completely open to the south on the scenic Valsugana.
A site that is interpreted by the new project as an important part of the completion of the historic fabric, characterized by asymmetries, misalignments, and inclined to follow the topography and the folds of a city made of mineral changes and fragmentation continuous paths and overlapping unexpected.
The new project reinterprets the theme of variation contained within the historic core, through the deformation of a regular plan, giving rise to a very compact form, a solid body, carefully sculpted to produce an architecture careful interaction perceptual between the observer and the landscape in the background.
It’s about building visual sequences through formal variations produced by the work, to establish points of view and alignments can project the project outside the perimeter assigned, developing an idea of integrated landscape within which every single architecture acts as an element capable of reproducing the reverberation of this quiet alpine habitat has a unique urbanity.

Text coming soon Invited Competition: 2nd Prize
Project team: demogo, studio perini
Digital images: Olga Trebuhina
Location: Civezzano, Italy Client: City of Civezzano
Budget: € 1.699.652

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