Bivouac Fanton

The project for the new bivouac Fanton is based on perception and amplification of the landscape, particularly on the extraordinary relationship that develops between man and mountain. This architecture is designed as a telescope able to frame the space, to circumscribe it. The opera becomes  a connection between body and environment, offering itself as a vantage point in the heart of the Dolomites.
It appears as a volume roughed by nature on the ridge, an architecture characterized by a strongly inclined profile, that adapt itself to the orography of Marmarole’s mountain. This particular section has a strong value in the internal space, entirely organized upward along the longitudinal axis, forming an axis that connect the site and the downstream of Auronzo.
Materially the volume presents a metallic coating with a natural finish: a surface that will change with changes in the weather and seasons, allowing the bivouac to find from time to time an intonation  with the context, offering so the contamination with the surrounding landscape and with the light reflected by the walls of dolomite rock.


Impaginazione FINALE
Impaginazione FINALE

Competition 1 st Prize
Location: Forcella Marmarole, Cadore, Italy
Client: CAI sezione di Auronzo
Collaborator: Fabio Tossutti 

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