Foyer Saint-Joseph

The expansion project offers the possibility to rearrange the overall structure of the area. Our proposal is in fact focused on the enhancement of the main facade faces south-east and the conservation and upgrading of the garden adjacent to it.
Planimetrically the new body is positioned on the southern boundary of the lot, defining a fifth that communicates with the traditional architecture of the original body, drawing a court designed to protect and redevelop a precious garden, intended as a place to relax and build social relationships between patients and visiting guests.
The old building and the new extension create between them a gap, a diaphragm that defines the new access, identified by a projecting element that clarifies the relationship between the parties based on the juxtaposition of the bodies.
The design aims to clarify and avoid overlap with other parts strident composition. Slight movements of the soil profile redesign above ground and its perception by the street front, integrating and mitigating the relationship between the rigid base of the complex and the surrounding landscape. This sweet connection between the different units also allows to increase the degree of connectivity between interior and exterior, facilitating the use of the garden even to patients with reduced mobility.
The approach to be maintained constantly an overview, both scenically urbanistically that, working within the rules of composition dates from the site, but offering new opportunities for value, retraining and completing parts not used today. A process developed through a redesign that can amplify the nature of the original architecture of the Foyer, recalling and highlighting the iconic value of the front garden.

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Competition: 2nd Prize
Project team: demogo,
Location: Sâles, CH
Client: Foyer Saint-Joseph

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