The National Council of Architects assigned the award for the best italian talent in Architecture 2015 to demogo.
The team wants to thank all the people who have supported the work of the office with their ideas and energy during these years.
The jury was chaired by Stefano Boeri and composed by Raul Pantaleo (tamassociati), Alessandro Change (SCAPE), Giuseppe D’Angelo (President of the professional association of Architects of Barletta, Andria, Trani), Filippo Delle Piane (vice president ANCE), Leopoldo Freyrie (President of the National Council of Architects), Margherita Guccione (director of MAXXI museum of Architecture). Simone Cola, president of the Department for Culture, Information and Communication of the National Council of Architects, coordinated the first phase of the competition for the “Best Italian Architect 2015” and “Young Talent of Italian Architecture 2015” while Domenico Podestà, president of the European and Foreign Department of the National Council, supervised the first stage for the assignment of the “Raffaele Sirica 2015” award, destinated to the best Start up of young professionals.

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