Bruck an der Mur – Masterplan

The human being and its needs define every project. Starting from this we want to transform an impenetrable area in an accessible one, an area that now is closed off to the population due to its artificial edges that interrupt the urban fabric.

“Beyond boundaries” wants to redefine the existing negative conditions through the construction of diversified public space. This will be a place where a start up will grow connected to the local and the global network and linked with the existing infrastructural system through the creation of a new train station that will become the new gate of Bruck an der Mur.

We propose a sequence of regular volumes able to adapt to the perimeter of the site thanks to the juxtaposition of the their parts. These volumes produce a protected public space that will become the heart of the site, a linear sequence of meeting spaces developed on different heights.

The buildings are conceived as parts of an hardware in which will be uploaded the software able to develop new links and to aim the production of a high quality workspaces. The main goal of the team is to create a breeding ground where the future generation can “plant” their business supported by a mixed use zone.


Brcuck concept
pianta no retini



Bruck ok


Competition: Finalist project – on going
Project team: demogo
collaborators: Massimo Munari, Damiano Polo, Olga Trebuhina.
Location: Bruck an der Mur, Austria.
Organization: Europan13 

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