The strong modernity expressed by MAXXI represents the ideal background for this work focused on the transfiguration and contamination of an absolute space.The installation intends to generate a contemporary space beginning with the archetypes of classical architecture: this operation reveals how the processes of alteration of an existing model can generate new objects whose nature is considerably different from the original one. As a result, the visitor develops a sense of unexpected ethereality. The past, present and future are overlapped losing its clear confines.



superclassico_plastico 2

The installation recalls an ephemeral architecture, full of classical references although it is reinterpreted in a pop style able to establish a relation with the city with an aware irony. The result is an archaic space or, in other words, a modern tholòs that can go beyond the limits of architecture tout court.

The project consists in a central-plan building where a sequence of consecutive arches permits the circulation of the public on the ground level. The possible activities that the building can host are the starting point for the alteration of the original plan, originally shaped as a perfect circle, while four other circular platforms, each of which characterised by a different use, complete the work. Each platform can be reached through the resulted empty space between them that can be read as a liquid space that becomes the unitary element of this dismantled garden.


The main pavilion is covered with a golden fabric that presents the shape as the typical masonry ornamentation of the walls of the renaissance Italian palaces, the bugnato. The manifold nature assumed by the object encourages the visitors to discover more deeply the installation and to get into the building through the narrow lateral arches up to the central bowels, characterised by the radial wooden structure.

Layout_Tav 1

The variable thickness of the circular wall becomes a threshold between outdoor space, the garden, and inner space and it appears different at every moment of the day depending on the lighting conditions, the weather or the spatial perception of each individual visitor.

Layout_Tav 1


Invited Competition: finalist project
Project team: demogo
Collaborators: Massimo Munari, Damiano Polo
Credits: SUPERCLASSICO, DEMOGO, YAP MAXXI 2016,  courtesy Fondazione  MAXXI.


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