European DNA
From EasyJet to Erasmus, the Italian roots grow successes
International: youth architects and more established offices using new
ways of conceiving the design to address the market beyond
border. It emerges a design capability based on desire
to explore new roads, of craft-tailored details
Approach proud of those who lived abroad and want
export the style and the materials that have made the Made
in Italy. These firms know to network with colleagues scattered
different time zones reaching the model of an active lab
The meeting takes place in a face-off between four realities:
the more mature of 5 + 1AA and TAM associated, the intermediate
MAB Arquitectura and the latest demogo, young talent
Italian architecture 2015. These architects, most Europeans
Italian, working in the name of the new trends and revisiting the
traditional connotations of the profession.

Milano via Lanzone 53 – 5Vie Design Week, from h. 11:00.
Event by: Ppan, Arch Academy, 5Vie art+design


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