Romantic Brutalism

The poetic dimension of industrial archeology of Porto Marghera is a significant character in the reading of a complex and disjointed territory. A terrain vague that lives in a state of suspension between the post-industrial rovinismo and its possible future. Today architectures underlie waiting to redefine its relationship with the lagoon landscape, to acquire a new role within the collective imagination, to be re-signified, sostanziandosi in a guided regeneration process.

A context is both a physical space and a theoretical space: from this assumption comes the reading of the city as a complex register with an ambivalent memory, memory that can return a physical presence in the territory and to feed a volatile imagination, defining a nuanced story and extended the own evolution.

The approach aims to establish a project in balance between spatial presence and storytelling, including industrial archeology and architecture, to produce a synthesis in suspension, which was voted to power an ambivalent dialogue between the parties. It is read and interpret Porto Marghera through its archaeological potential, establish relationships and not necessarily physical connections between the elements, increasing the entire available perceptive sphere

Romantic Brutalism is a research project on urban transformation strategies of Portomarghera developed by students of IUAV University during W.A.Ve. 2016, coordinated by  DEMOGO.
Romantic Brutalism has received the third prize of the WAVE2016 jury.

You can find more details on the dedicated website: Romantic Brutalism

photo credits: Umberto Ferro

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