Our architecture has always looked to the context as the system of relativization of the many phenomena that are connected to it.
Our architecture is highly contextual, we have understood that our membership of the architecture of rewriting, in an evolutionary way. The relationship with the environment is no longer simply be translated into re-reading of the signs, or the types that characterize a place is an aspect linked instead to the ability to decipher instances groundwater and contemporary impulses that drive people to live in a place.
Context of connections, historical context, formal context, climatic context, emotional context, the context of relationships, material context, the context of the functions of the landscape context, social context, are definitions that contain different elements of interaction between work and seniority, it is a superposition of multilayer elements characterizing highly capable of producing complex systems of equalizers project.
Each of these characters can in fact lead to different evolutions of the same work of architecture. The construction of a hierarchy that govern them and that they establish reciprocal relations is one of the cores of our idea of ​​architecture , an architecture is not on the context, but the context, establishing different levels of relationships with the various components, providing an interpretation contingencies that do not necessarily correspond with the same context.
The architecture as an object capable of making change, to generate attraction, to attract the interest of the parties with respect to the entire city seems to have exhausted its mandate media. The Guggenheim effect, reported interest and given voice to the demands of a specific season of European architecture, but it is equally clear that the debate generated by the project , further highlighted the limits of the plan interlocutory Italian. One criticism that has implemented a radical protectionism , waterproof mixing theory and the Gehry project has produced a protectionism later recanted, with a delay which coincided with the shift of relentlessly compared to other themes. The academic vacuum, the absence of internal references, have continued to produce an architecture that keeps track of the mutations with a phase shift grating at the time of the real time.
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